This is how display marketing works

With display marketing or display advertising, we direct your advertising message (advertisement) in the form of banners, text or video ads on thousands of websites targeted, in order to attract the attention of potential customers.
In doing so, we achieve branding effects for you, ensure qualified visitors and registrations on your e-commerce website, and prepare the sale of the services and products you offer in the best possible way.

The display of the display advertising is targeted, based on demographic characteristics and location and time. With Display Marketing we achieve an unprecedented potential for contacts and new customers.

Particularly effective display marketing campaigns are in conjunction with the so-called retargeting technology, which is also called remarketing. In the process, users who have visited your website, for example, but have not made a purchase or completion, are “marked”. Thus, these users can later be targeted repeatedly supplied with custom-fit advertisements. By this measure, the already interested customer is once again reminded of his intention to buy and the probability of a purchase increases enormously. Of course, the use of retargeting is hardly limitless!